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Already broken! | M.A.C’s Prep For Color

Oh my goodness! Remember the bag that I purchased in my last post? And remember how I thought that the chain strap that it came with was pretty useless?  Well, I was right!  I admit I was lazy and had not changed the strap yet.  I wanted to take my bag out today for the first time and just used the chain strap that it came with.  A couple hours, I accidentally yanked on the chain (not even that hard) and it BROKE!  Boooo to you, tacky cheap chain!

I picked up a couple eyeshadows from MAC’s Prep for Color:

The winners were: Prepped for Glamour (right) & Hey (left)

rsz img 0049 300x225 Already broken! | M.A.Cs Prep For Color

rsz img 0056 300x253 Already broken! | M.A.Cs Prep For Color

Look familiar?  Yup, me too.  Prepped for Glamour is very similar to Satin Taupe.  Since I love Satin Taupe and use it very often, I don’t mind having two of practically the same thing.

rsz img 0058 300x225 Already broken! | M.A.Cs Prep For Color

Above: Prepped for Glamour on left, Satin Taupe on right
Below: Satin Taupe swatch on left, Prepped for Glamour swatch on right

rsz img 0059 300x295 Already broken! | M.A.Cs Prep For Color

Hey is very similar to Naked Lunch and Stila’s Kitten.  I don’t own either of these so I’m happy with the purchase.

The last couple days I’ve used Hey as a highlighter, Prepped for Glamour on the lid and either Mystery or Blackberry for my crease.  I’m loving it!!

The one eyeshadow from this line that I did not pick up was Sorcery, a reddish mid-tone brown.  I’m thinking about going back and picking it up… hehe.


And look! It pays off to visit my site!  I found out that Urban Decay is having a Friends and Family Sale.  Through April 6th-19th, if you use the promo code: 1SFNF, you can receive 30% off your entire purchase!  I use the Urban Decay Primer Potion almost everyday and also am a fan of Sin the eyeshadow.

What do you like from Urban Decay?

Hope you are having a beautyfull weekend! <3

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April 10, 2010 Makeup 2 Comments

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  • I’m glad you put those swatches on here. I could barely tell the difference. I got prepped for glamour before I had a chance to test satin taupe. I think I may end up taking it back and getting satin taupe.. not sure yet! :)


    April 20, 2010

  • i’m glad it was helpful! yeah, i don’t think it’s necessary to have both… but you can’t go wrong with either of them :P

    Soo Jin


    April 20, 2010