Week 29 Bumpdate

Wow, this week marks the last week before I enter the week thirties!  Time is seriously flying and I can feel Baby getting bigger and stronger almost everyday.  Overall, I’m feeling pretty good.  I’m tired and can’t stand for too long now but for the most part everything has been pretty manageable.  :)

How far along?

29 weeks – 77 more days to go!

Size of baby?

15.25 inches, the size of a butternut squash (according to the Bump app)

butternut squash

Total weight loss/gain?

Apparently still on track…

Maternity clothes?

Yes, but since I’ve been avoiding pants I’m left with a very limited wardrobe. I’m pretty much wearing the same 2-3 outfits all the time.  I do want a new dress for my baby shower…

Stretch marks?

Still on my hips and chest. None on my tummy.

Best moments?

This week we received/assembled Baby’s crib!  Her room is really coming together now!  My parents also ordered her stroller yesterday so we should be receiving that in the next week.


She’s still moving tons and it’s becoming stronger and more visible on my tummy.  I love feeling her move around but am not appreciating the jabs into my poor bladder!

Food cravings?

My crazy ice cream craving has subsided a lot thanks to my new love for watermelon.  You know what I’ve been craving the past week? McDonald’s chicken nuggets and fries….  I know, it’s so bad for you… but it tastes so good… :)

mcdonalds chicken nuggets meal

Anything make you queasy or sick?

Nope but I woke up in the middle of the night on Sunday feeling super sick and nauseas.  I was so scared that I got food poisoning but by the morning I was feeling much better. Whew!

What I miss?

Being able to sit up on my own! haha! I have to now roll over on my side and use my arms to push myself up or use a lot of momentum.


Mild to moderate heartburn, occasional hip/back pain, frequent trips to the bathroom and not sleeping well at night.

Labor signs?

Not yet, thank the Lord!



Belly button in/out?

Hubs thinks it’s so funny how small and closed my belly button now looks!

Wedding ring off/on?

Off! I feel like I’ll grow out of my oversized fashion ring soon.


Some nights are good and I only have to wake up a couple times to pee.  Other nights are horrible and I can’t sleep at all.

What I’m looking forward to?

My baby shower is next weekend, yay!  After a wonderful time celebrating with friends and family I’ll finally be able to roll up my sleeves and start organizing and really preparing for Baby’s arrival.

This week’s baby goals?

I’ve decided to not take any birthing classes but to try to do the research on my own.  It’ll be good to learn some breathing techniques and go over them with Hubs.

That’s it for this week!


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