Home Projects to Complete Before Baby Comes!

Now that Baby Girl’s nursery is a good 70-80% finished Hubs and I have cooled down the “nesting” (if that counted to begin with).  I still don’t have a burning desire to clean out the kitchen or organize every nook and cranny of the house like I’ve read on other mommy blogs.  On the contrary, our house is a bit of a mess right now and hopefully we’ll get around to cleaning sometime today!

Over the weekend I found some inspiring mommy blogs that feature organizing and DIY projects for the home.

Zaaberry has tons of super cute DIY projects for baby and beyond.
I really wish I knew how to sew!!

DIY baby bib tutorial

Zaaberry Bib Tutorial

I’m so happy I randomly discovered My Sweetnest which features lots of organizing tips and DIY projects for the home.
Of course I especially love all her baby related posts and wish there were more!!

car organizer idea

My Sweetnest Car Organizer

Car organizers are definitely on our list of things-to-do before Baby gets here.
I also think these are pretty handy for people without kids!
You never know when you’ll spill your coffee (all the time if you’re me) and need some paper towels!

Seriously, how incredible organized is this woman??
I love her nesting post.

changing dresser organization

Labels are always helpful!

baby room labels

Here are some of the home projects I’d like to complete before Baby Girl arrives!

  • Organize my makeup/vanity – this one’s seriously chaos!
  • Organize cooking utensil drawer – currently all just tossed in
  • Organize important files – they’re all somewhere in the office right now…
  • Create my go-to recipe folder
  • Organize Hubs’ new grilling gear
  • Baby Projects – Car organizers x 2, diaper changing drawer – these can wait a couple more months :)

That’s all I can think of right now but I’m sure I will add more as I think of things.
I think it’ll be fun to share before/after photos with you as I check each item off one by one. Actually to keep myself accountable it might be good to make these a weekly post! Light bulb!!

It’s funny- this week I’m praying about living confidently, passionately and inspired.
I’m realizing there is so much inspiration out there if you just look! I’m constantly in awe of people’s talents and creativity!  I’m also so thankful for blogs where everyday people can share their passions with the world!


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