O.P.I Dutch Tulips Swatch and Review

**Important Update! Urban Decay is having their biggest online sale of the year starting at midnight tonight! Must check it out!!**

Happy Sunday everyone! Boy is it hot today!  We’ve hit the 90’s and I know that’s pretty weak-sauce compared to the rest of the nation but the majority of the housing over here in the Northwest doesn’t have air-conditioning including us! Booo! Hubs and I are wondering if it’s worth installing air-conditioning at home for the 1-2 days of hot summer weather we get here in Seattle every year!

I wanted to drop by and give you a quick swatch and review of O.P.I Dutch Tulips.  I’ve been eyeing this one for a while and finally got to give it a try when two of my best friends came over and we had a mini nail party!  Dutch Tulips is a bright blue-based pink-red color.  The application is smooth as always for any O.P.I polish and you only need 2 coats.

OPI Dutch Tulips Swatch(Pardon the poor application.  I had 2 cups of coffee before doing this and my hands were shaking like crazy, haha. Lesson learned, hopefully!)

While Dutch Tulips is a pretty red, nothing really stands out for me in the sea of red polishes available from every line.  I’m still in love with Essie Geranium with it’s bright red-orange shade.

And here was how I spent my Saturday in a nutshell~

Hubs made me steak (filet mignon) and eggs with avocado for breakfast. It was delish!
AND he did all the dishes, woohoo!

 Later we went to Ikea to buy some more home organizing things.
I love Ikea…
And right next door is one of our favorite meals to have-
Aloha Hawaiian Grill

On the way home we stopped by Bellevue, did some shopping, I got to test out Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour full coverage foundation (review coming soon) and went to the park.
Here’s the baby duckling we met while we were there.
Say “hi!”

Hope you all are staying cool and enjoying a restful evening! I’ll see ya tomorrow! :)


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