How the Owner of This Blog Changed My Life

*Note* – This is Soo Jin’s husband hi-jacking his wife’s blog to do a guest post :)


Another decade passes by…3rd one to be exact.

I know it’s just another notch to add to my belt, but I couldn’t help but reflect on the past 10 years of my life.  First off, I can’t even remember what I did for my 20th birthday and to think how long it feels since then…this gives me incredible joy knowing how much more time I have in this world to enjoy with my family and change it.  I have learned a great deal in these past 10 years.  I’ve learned just how greedy and selfish I was.  To everybody who showed me love through my crap, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Some of you guys know this about me, but when I turned 25, my life goal was to make my first $1,000,000 before I turned 30 and buy an Audi R8.  The thought of getting married and having a beautiful little girl NEVER crossed my mind.  Working was my life and everything I talked about, posted on Facebook, tweeted…(jk, I don’t use Twitter) was about my profession and making money.  No, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with making a ton of money…just as long as you don’t define yourself by the size of your bank account.

God had MUCH bigger plans for me because he brought into my life the only woman who would be able to break my hard heart, fight through my bullshit and literally change my life.

Soo Jin – I sincerely hope you always know that I am forever thankful that I somehow was able to con you into marrying a loser like the 27 year-old version of me.  Over the past several years, I know I haven’t been the easiest person to deal with but as I escape my twenties and move onto my thirties, there’s nothing more I could ask for in this world than looking forward to always loving you and being loved by you.

I actually had a conversation with Soo Jin this past week and I shared with her how I feel like I wasted my twenties working 18+ hour days and that I have so many regrets.  What she said brought me a lot of comfort and made me realize that mistakes truly are a blessing in disguise as long as you extract the little bit of wisdom that each decision carries.  If I could sit down with the 25 year old version of Max and have a face to face chat, first thing I’d do is smack him as hard as I possibly can.  Actually on second thought, he was a lot stronger than the 30 year old version so maybe that wouldn’t be the best idea.  Anywhoo, here are the top 7 things I wish I could tell myself.

  1. Do NOT forget about Jesus just because things are going well
  2. Stop obsessing over money, it’s one of the most toxic ways to mess up your life
  3. Get your temper under control NOW
  4. Buy a house, not a nice car.  Having a nice car that’s parked outside your apartment is not something to be proud of
  5. You’re not ready to start and run a company, so make sure you take a little time off working and invest some of your time into building stronger relationships…it’ll be a better use of your time
  6. Floss every night you lazy bum
  7. Think about what you want in life…then think about it again without the things you first thought about.  That’s what you should work towards :)

I’m incredibly thankful today for what God has done in my life.  I’m especially thankful that money is not something I use to define myself anymore.  What excites me most is that if given the choice between an Audi R8 vs a jogging stroller that I can use to take my little Evelyn for a run…I’ll pick the stroller 7 days out of the week.

With a new perspective on life, an incredible wife, an amazing daughter, and super awesome friends…nothing can stop me (we’ll see what the 40 year old version of me says to that).


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LeSportsac Baby Line Featuring the Ryan Baby Bag, Jessi Baby Bag and Baby Bottle Bag

Hey Everyone!

I mentioned back in April that I was on the hunt for a stylish diaper bag that doesn’t scream “I carry diapers!”.  Some other important factors were that it’s light-weight, functional (pockets and can carry crossbody) and affordable.  Well I searched high and low and all the baby bags that I liked never met the affordable criteria.

Even though I wasn’t in love, I was pretty set on purchasing the MARC by MARC JACOBS Pretty Nylon Eliz-a-baby Diaper Bag in Black or Grey. It did take a while to justify the $298 price tag to Hubs.

stylish diaper bag marc jacobs elizababy black


light weight material (although the cross-body strap adds weight to it)
versatile – can be used as a travel bag or gym bag later on
easy to clean
lots of pockets for organization
stylish – doesn’t scream DIAPER BAG


 PRICE! Pretty spendy at $298 per bag
weight – heavier than it looks with the cross-body strap attached
size – it’s actually VERY large and dwarfs my 5’3″ frame.  looks more appropriate on Hubs’ 6′ frame.

Hubs eventually caved and approved the purchase but before I went ahead with it I realized that I hadn’t looked into LeSportsac’s baby bag line!  I reached out to my LeSportsac friends and they were so sweet to send me a handful of baby bags and accessories to try out and review.

LeSportsac Ryan Baby Bag

Lesportsac Ryan Baby Bag


13 x 13.75 x 7 inches

Zipped main closure
Front zipper pocket
Back open pocket with changing pad
Two open side pockets for bottles (not included)
Two interior open pockets
Stroller holder straps
11in (27.94cm) Handle drop
Adjustable/Detachable shoulder strap (Max 50in/127cm)


light weight – lighter than the Marc Jacobs’ bag
versatile – can be used as a travel bag or gym bag later on
easy to clean
lots of pockets for organization
stylish – for the MOST part, the designs don’t scream DIAPER BAG (although some patterns do)
price – much cheaper than the Marc Jacobs bag
size – it’s a bit smaller than the Marc Jacobs bag and doesn’t look as large on my 5’3″ body


I do still like the Marc Jacob’s quilted look in black but the solid black Ryan Baby bag is pretty dang close

Aqua Dot – $138

Front view


Top view


Front pocket – one large full length zip


Back pocket – One large no zipper opening


Inside you have two more pockets


Also some handy clips for your stroller


One deep pocket on each outer side of the bag for bottles/drinks or anything else


Comes with a fairly large changing mat




While I feel like this print is a little too “diaper bag” for me, Hubs is actually a big fan of this print. He says that he’ll use this if he ever takes Baby Girl out without me.  I think this would be cute if we had a little boy!

Aberdeen Stripe – $138

Lesportsac Ryan Baby Bag Aberdeen Stripe

Currently this bag is being used as Baby Girl’s hospital bag.  I love the colors and the stripes!  I know this is part of the Fall line but it feels more Spring/Summer to me?  Regardless, this print is super cute and I know I’ll be carrying this bag around a lot.  The same features are included in this print as the Aqua Dot.

Black Solid – $138

Lesportsac Ryan Baby Bag Black Matte

I love love love the black solid print!  It’ll look great and go with any outfit any season AND it doesn’t scream “I’m a diaper bag!”.  This is definitely my go-to diaper bag that I’m planning on using.

Jessi Baby Bag – Black Solid – $148

Lesportsac Jessi Baby bag

The Jessi Baby Bag is actually a new design created for the more on-the-go, minimalist mama.  It’s a bit smaller than the Ryan Baby Bag so it’s easier to wear crossbody and carry around as your purse AND diaper bag.

Out of my eagerness, I tried using this bag as my purse but found that it’s way too big and spacious for just everyday use for a non-mama.  All the extra space, pockets and compartments will come in handy once I have baby stuff to lug around. :)


14 x 18 x 6 inches

Zipped main closure
Exterior front zipper pocket
Exterior back panel divided open pocket
Includes changing pad and matching zip closure pouch
Interior center zip divider pocket
Two interior insulated bottle pockets (bottles not included)
Two interior front wall open pockets
Two interior back wall open pockets
Exterior stroller attachement straps
Adjustable/Detachable shoulder strap (Max 50in)

Lesportsac Jessi Bag Black 1


Removable cross-body strap when you want to attach the bag to the stroller

Lesportsac Jessi Bag Black 2


One large zippered front pocket


Lesportsac Jessi Bag Black 3


2 non-zippered pockets on the back

Lesportsac Jessi Bag Black 4


The stroller hook – just remove and attach

Lesportsac Jessi Bag Black 5


The inside has tons of compartments~

Lesportsac Jessi Bag Black 6


2 pockets for bottles with insulated interior


Lesportsac Jessi Bag Black 7


Also comes with a changing mat that is a tiny bit smaller than the one from the Ryan Baby Bag

Lesportsac Jessi Bag Black 10


Baby Bottle Bag – Aqua Dot – $28

Lesportsac Baby Bottle Bag


8 x 3 x 3 inches

Zipped main closure
Insulated interior
Detachable crossbody strap (Max. 48in / 121.92cm)
Converts to a short handle when shoulder strap is removed.

This cute little bottle bag will carry up to a large size bottle.  One thing I noticed though is that it’s not waterproof.  I had a ziplock bag half full of ice in there that happened to leak and the whole bag got soaked from the inside out.

Lesportsac Bottle Bag

I’m super excited to try all these bags out on a day-to-day basis once Baby Girl arrives.  Seriously, the anticipation and waiting is the hardest in the last days and weeks!  Everyone keeps telling me and Hubs to enjoy our time right now but to be honest it’s so hard! We just want to meet our little girl as soon as possible. :)

After we’ve gotten some good use out of our Lesportsac Baby goodies I’ll let you know my thoughts on functionality!


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Week 39 Bumpdate

Hey everyone!

Yup, I’m still very much pregnant today!  My midwife yesterday told me that I’ve made no progress over the past week so she’s expecting that I’ll go the full 40 weeks.  It was a bit disappointing to hear because we were so excited for the arrival of our little girl but I’m realizing that it’s easier for me to have the mentality that she’s never going to come versus she’s going to come any minute now!

How far along?

39 weeks now – 6 days to go until her official due date, September 10th!

Size of baby?

20 inches – a mini watermelon! (according to the Bump app)

Total weight loss/gain?

My weight has now stabilized for the past 4 weeks for a total pregnancy weight gain of about 30 lbs

Maternity clothes?

Wearing whatever stretchy clothes will fit me these days!  I’m mostly in my Liz Lange tank tops from Target and lounge pants or Hubs’ gym shorts.

Stretch marks?

Yes yes.  I think if it weren’t for the stretch marks I would feel like my body would eventually return back to normal but since I’ve gotten stretch marks all over my chest, thighs and some on my belly I feel like I’ve forever been marked by pregnancy.

Best moments?

Just enjoying my last days with Hubs as a family of 2 and also sleeping in!


She’s moving a lot like usual although she stops whenever I try to record her. How does she know??

Food cravings?

Nothing right now although towards the evening I start to crave sweets.

Anything make you queasy or sick?

Not really.

What I miss?

My non-pregnant body, being able to wear regular clothes, not having carpal tunnel pain, sleeping through the night…


Even more frequent potty breaks (now 3-6 times a night), carpal tunnel pain but now my wrist gets clicks and gets stuck and I have to snap my wrist to get it un-stuck, and a new one- CRAMPS!  I feel like I constantly have cramps and my lower stomach is getting tighter.

Labor signs?

The cramps, pain that shoots down my hips, and my lower tummy is feeling more full and tight.


Baby girl!

Belly button in/out?

Still in but seriously threatening to become an outie!

Wedding ring off/on?

Thought I’d take a photo to document just how swollen I am.  Here’s how far I can jam my wedding ring down my chubby finger.

Swollen Pregnant Fingers

I wonder how long it’ll take for me to be able to wear my ring again…
It’ll be interesting to do a before/after picture!


Sleep has actually been pretty good minus all the potty breaks!  I am sleeping in SUPER late but I figure these are my last few days of ever getting to do that so I’ll enjoy it while I can.

What I’m looking forward to?

Having this baby!!!  Oh and my brother/sister-in-law are coming in town tomorrow for a wedding! YAY!  We were really hoping that baby girl would come out before so that they could see her while they are here but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

This week’s baby goals?

Have a baby.



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