FOTD – Family Portrait Session

I just wanted to share my face of the day from yesterday’s family portrait session. It’s so incredibly rare to put on a full face of makeup these days being a stay-at-home mama but it was pretty fun getting all done up.  I’m really proud of myself for taking care of hair and makeup on my own. I was SO tempted to just going to the salon/makeup counter so that I wouldn’t have to stress about things not turning out the way that I wanted.  In the end, I was able to get ready during Evelyn’s naps/while Hubs took care of her so it all worked out.

Before – no makeup face

FOTD Family Portrait Before


FOTD Family Portrait Afterd

Benefit The Porefessional
Make Up For Ever HD Foundation #118
Make Up For Ever Duo Mat Powder Foundation #203
MAC Blot Powder Medium
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
NARS Gaiety Blush

Urban Decay Primer Potion Original
MAC Brule, Cork, Espresso, Sorcery and Carbon Eyeshadows
MAC Fluidline Added Goodness
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil Perversion
Covergirl Lash Perfection Mascara
MAC Concrete Eyeshadow for brows

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Lip Pencil Wallflower
MAC Cremesheen Glass Partial to Pink

I usually use Covergirl Exact Eyelights to fill in my top waterline but it “conveniently” broke right when I needed it so I substituted it with Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil.  I was nervous that it would smudge all over within a couple hours but it ended up working out okay.  It didn’t seem to last any shorter or longer than my usual Covergirl eyeliner but the application was much smoother so I think I’ll keep trying it out.

I’ve seriously forgotten how much I enjoy being girly and spending time to look nice, haha.  A part of me feels more motivated to put more effort into my everyday look… but the other part of me thinks I’d rather sleep during that extra time!   I think sleep will always win for me. :)


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Evelyn’s Birth Story

Evelyn Birth Story FI

It’s long overdue but here it is- Evelyn’s birth story!

So here’s where I left you.  My last post pre-baby was my 39th week update (besides my pre-scheduled LeSportsac Baby Bag post).  At that point I think my mentality was “this baby is never coming out”.  I remember being so anxious and excited for her to arrive but having thought that she could be coming any minute for the past few weeks was really tiring me out. Even though other parents told me again and again to enjoy this time before baby arrives I couldn’t help but just want her here already!  Looking back now I do wish I could have had the mentality of enjoying my alone time with Hubs more.  Anyway, I was bummed because my brother and sister-in-law were in town for the weekend and I was hoping that they’d be able to meet baby girl before they left.

Sunday came (due date Tuesday) and I was sitting on the couch watching some Grey’s Anatomy. We had a family dinner scheduled for 7pm and I was resting up and killing time while Hubs worked upstairs. Then I felt what felt like a cramp and suddenly felt liquid come out! I rushed to the bathroom in shock and disbelief that it was time and yelled for Max. It was exactly 5pm.  I made the call to the midwife and then my mom with the news and took a shower and got ready.  Because I wasn’t having any contractions yet we were pretty relaxed at this point and didn’t rush. My brother and sister-in-law came over with some flowers and hung out while we had some chicken burgers for a quick dinner and then we were off to the hospital!  It was so surreal to think that that was the last time we were leaving our neighborhood as a family of two!

evelyns birth story

We took this photo right before leaving for the hospital.  I can’t believe how big I was!!

We got to the hospital, unloaded all of our things, checked in and they look us into a side room just to make sure that I was really in labor.  I got hooked up to the machines to read the contractions and got examined.  Surprise! I was already 5cm dilated!  So we were definitely having Baby and that’s around when the contractions started getting stronger. At that point I was allowed to check into my own room.  Since I was Strep B positive I had to get hooked to antibiotics via an IV and that was not pleasant at all. It burned and was super uncomfortable but it wasn’t as horrid as I imagined it to be.

Evelyns Birth Story at the hospital

Our last photo as just the two of us!

I wanted to see how long I could go without an epidural and lasted until probably around 10pm. We tried walking (which made it worse) and a warm bath (which didn’t help either) and they told me that it would take 45 minutes to get the epidural once we requested it so I had Max make the call.  By then the contractions were so strong that I was shaking in pain.  A lot of other women told me that the epidural didn’t hurt at all and the doctor described it as a little pinch.  I just remember yelling “OW!!” when it went in because it definitely hurt more than a “pinch”.  I’m so glad I didn’t have to see it because Hubs said the needle was huge.  It did take an hour or so for the epidural to take the pain away but once it did it was BLISS! We were finally able to go to sleep.

A few hours later I was awaken by the lights turning on and a barrage of nurses flooding into the room.  They started pushing buttons, having me flip this way and that and gave me some more fluids via my IV. I was a bit worried because so many of them were working on me and nobody was telling me anything.  Apparently, Baby was suddenly showing signs of distress and it showed in the nurses’ monitor so they rushed in.  After trying a couple things out everything was okay.  It turned out that baby’s head dropped quickly and at the same time I had had 3 strong contractions which was squeezing Baby for a long time.  And by the way, while the nurses were frantically working Max was on the couch with his arm draped over his face like the lights were annoying him.  It took him a good 5 minutes (at least) to wake up and realize that we had had a little scare. Once everything was settled we went back to sleep until around 4am when my midwife came back to check up on me.  When she checked she told us that Evelyn’s head was right there and it was time to push!  It was all so surreal. I couldn’t believe it was now time to push this baby that I had had in my tummy for 40 weeks out into the world!

The epidural was turned off and I started pushing.  3 big pushes per every contraction.  At first I was so numb down there that I wasn’t sure if I was pushing or not.  It was really easy peasy and we were having a good time, laughing and talking.  Also my contractions were spaced so I had time to rest inbetween.  After a while I was getting pretty winded from pushing and was beginning to slowly feel my body again so I was able to push harder. My midwife mentioned that she could see Evelyn’s head and she had lots of long black hair that was long enough to style right there!  She asked if I wanted to touch it but I totally declined.  The experience of pushing a human out of my body was bizarre enough, I didn’t want to touch her head while she was still inside me!

1 hour later at 4:53am I felt her warm body slip/pop out as my midwife told me to open my eyes and see my baby (I had them squeezed shut while I was pushing).  There she was crying, purple/red and wet.  My sweet little Evelyn.  They placed her on my chest and it was the most crazy feeling.  She was so warm and small.  I remember thinking she looked so asian, haha with her puffy eyes and head of black hair! The placenta was delivered (I had to push once or twice again but didn’t feel anything) and then stitched me up which thank God I didn’t really feel.  I just remember staring at my sweet little daughter in awe and amazement.  She had all her little fingers and toes and she was for sure a “she”! She was perfect!

evelyn and mama

evelyns first day

evelyn and daddy

How cute is the hat that the nurse made for her?
She used another hat to create that bow. <3

The labor and delivery went so smoothly- much more smoothly than I could have hoped or imagined.  While I was pregnant I was so scared of the entire process but I got through each fear (IV, contractions, epidural, catheter, ripping, stitches) one step at a time. We did have a couple scares like when the nurses rushed in and later passing out in the bathroom after the delivery but overall that wasn’t that big of a deal.  After coming home with Evelyn I realized that the labor part was the easy part!  Learning to take care of my new daughter was so much harder than I could have imagined.  I don’t think words could describe how difficult the first couple of months were especially the first week back home. Learning to breastfeed was no joke and caused so much stress and tears but that’s a whole different story for another time.

evelyn in appas arms

Overall, I’m so happy with my birthing experience. My midwife was amazing and the nurses were so caring and supportive. I’m definitely going to go back to the same hospital/midwives for Baby 2/3 whenever that may be.  Things I’ll remember for next time?

  1. Don’t overpack. I had SO much clothes, makeup, etc but in the end I was overwhelmed with everything else that I barely used the things that I brought.
  2. The only criticism I can give about the hospital was the food. Bleh! Next time I’m making sure my family brings me all my meals, haha.
  3. Change clothes for photos! A professional photographer stops by on your last day at the hospital and takes photos for you to purchase if you want. I didn’t bother to change out of my hospital gown but now that I look at those photos I wish I wore something prettier.

So that wraps up Evelyn’s birth story! I remember while I was pregnant I really enjoyed reading other people’s stories to get an idea of what labor could be like.  But like everyone says, every birth story is different!


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WE are back! Welcome our not-so new addition!


I’m back!

I don’t even know where to begin. It’s almost been 1 year since my last post on ABD and so much has changed.  As you can guess I had my sweet baby girl! Evelyn was born early morning on September 9th, 2013.  Since then life has been a beautiful chaos.  In the beginning I was struggling to adjust to motherhood so I had no time, energy or will to continue blogging.  But like people told me over and over again while I was in the thick of things, it got easier!  Most days I’m still pretty pooped by the time Evelyn is in bed but I have to say I really do miss blogging.  I spent months in my mom uniform (pjs/sweats, no makeup, messy ponytail) but I’m starting to feel the oh-so-familiar draw from the beautiful eyeshadows and lip glosses from the makeup counters and clothes that are actually suitable for the outside world. And I miss having my own space to share and express my thoughts.

So, what’s to come?  It only feels natural that ABD will include more family posts and my life as a mama.  I know I have so much catching up to do like Evelyn’s birth story, my breastfeeding journey, baby products that we love, etc.  Of course I’ll also continue blogging about all things beauty related as well as recipes, home organization and pretty much all aspects of my life.

If you’re reading this, then thanks so much for coming back to see what’s been going on in my little world.  If you’re new, welcome! I can’t wait to get to know you and share my life with you.

Overall, I just want to express that I’m so thankful for my little blog. And I’m also thankful for my supportive husband who has encouraged me to continue blogging and even helped revamp ABD with a new look! Thanks Hubs!

Stay tuned for Evelyn’s birth story. :)


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